Finding the Recent Growth Trend in Fantasy Games

Fantasy game is considered as a fast growing sector in USA. It has annual growth rate of around 8 percent. These games are becoming popular with increase in real sporting activities and their wide spread coverage. Application of new technology and availability of the games on mobile devices have found a new attraction among the young players.

As per a study, around 27 million people play these games in United States. In last year only, 36 million players in North America took part in fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Fantasy sports players spend innumerable hours in collecting and analyzing facts about their favorite real players and make huge investments to manage virtual teams. Actually, building a winning fantasy team requires a lot of strategic decisions. Better management of team has nothing to do with the on-field performance of selected athletes. The performance of a fantasy team depends on actual achievement of your real-life athletes.

It is found that most of the service ads related to these sports heavily influenced players while building their desired team. The service ads showed of possessing expertise on team building and sharing of critical analysis.

The players who started to believe these advertisements thought they had a better chance of winning. Most of the players overestimate the necessity of skill and knowledge in forming a winning team. The marketing manipulation resulted in an exaggerated sense of control among fantasy players but produced higher ratings for real players with new subscriber base and increased revenues.Click Here


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